OSCE appoints Albanian observer for the local elections in Himara

OSCE appoints Albanian observer for the local elections in Himara

The plans of Albania against the Greek community of Himara are pretty complex, from times to times we wrote about what has come to our attention and emphasised them. There are for sure many issues that didn't catch our attention, since we are talking about political and diplomatic games that are done under complete secrecy.

One of the cases that has NOT escaped our attention and is relatively recent, has to do with the widely krnown as serious Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). OSCE has always been a support for the Greeks of Himara as it sets observers to watch closely the local elections and that's where always all of our complaints have been ending up about fraud attempts of the results.

So, for these municipal elections, too, OSCE has appointed a long-term observer as responsible for Himara region, who is responsible for writing the final report and would be again him even if we had a Greek candidate for the municipality of Himara. His name is Bujar Ajdari. As his name clearly shows, he is of Albanian origin with American nationality. If this itself does not show anything, then surely we can safely draw conclusions from the videos he uploads on his personal YouTube account where he passionately sings the Albanian anthem in a match of the National football team of Albania.

Just to mention, he claims to be an objective American, but the video proves his words not true.

The serious OSCE, in Himara, placed the wolf to keep the sheep safe, but we are aware of their plans.


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