Northern Epirotes, 600 years “Giaours”

Northern Epirotes, 600 years “Giaours”

To the various problems of the Greeks of the Northern part of Epirus, which more than 100 years now was decided by the Great Powers to not be a part of Ελλάδα, are added “characterizations”, that have to do with how they are faced and treated by foreigners, but also Greeks that live in Greek territory.

The exhausted in every sense of the word Northern Epirotes, some times are called “Albanians”, some times “Minority”, other times “Grekos” or “Gawur”. Without anyone taking into consideration the opinion Northern Epirotes have for themselves. Nevertheless, they have no intention to consistently confirm their origin using arguments every time they have to encounter this. After all, they are not starring in an entertaining show or a brazilian soap opera…..

That repeating meaningless subject about questioning if they are Greeks or not, now is over. And yes, they do feel bitter, they want you to accept them without the need of all these historical facts (unknown to most of you) that you want to hear until you are convinced, and, finally, them to manage to make you call them “Greeks”.

Them being Greeks, noone ever again should question it. They have proven it with their own blood and you should all accept it. “Right”, “Left”, “Communists”, “Liberals”, “Anarchists” and so on. All those who suffer from the “national prejudice” syndrome, should know that Northern Epirotes are neither extreme nor non-Greeks. This “allergy” of yours conflict with what the Albanian co-residents of theirs call them, “Gawur”, “filthy Greeks”, “bastards”, considering them as something alien to the newly established albanian national environment.

In addition, you should be aware of the fact that for their Greek mother language and Christian faith, they were led massively to Hoxha’s prisons. All these that for some of you sound like fairytales or distant facts, for these people, called “Gawur”, are everyday reality.

Now if you don’t want to accept the truth, that is an issue of your own….

What if they continue to leave their own blood on these lands they live in, still, that doesn’t concern you. And indeed, if you continue to live in your own ignorance, honorably as other “half brothers”, we ask you to write us off once and for all. Either you will accept as the way we are or you will reject us, treating us in the end as people of a very distant country.

Official Ελλάδα filled you with a vague abhorrence for anything national, by saying that if you follow it you’ll become fascists. Official Ελλάδα “aborted” us an unwanted fetus from its history, to build on our bodies a “bridge” of good neighboring.

Official Ελλάδα is promising to us “minority” prosperity with members of the parliament and sidekicks, and today is silent, without asking as if we are in the position to earn our living and live free at our fathers’ land.

What you there consider as slavery, we here consider it as the greatest freedom.

So think about it, the yardstick of the types of freedom provided here.

Ελλάδα wronged us and still does, just like it does to you. It decreased us in number, since it grants rights to all those that live in Greek territory. It made us hate Northern Epirus, having no hope here anymore. Pray to every “smart” leader.

Yes, 106 years now Ελλάδα sold us out, probably assuming we are incapable of living officially close to it. It seems Ελλάδα sees these souls that have such great love about it, that still see it as an unfulfilled dream, as worthless….

For official Ελλάδα the Northern Epirotes became its nightmare. That is why it banishes them in every legitimate or not legitimate way. That is why it allows alien forces to torture them.

But know that, Northern Epirus and its Greeks, may one day become a new vast national graveyard, that will haunt the days of all the ecumenical Hellenism….

With brotherly love

Independent Northern Epirot

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