Greek origins of Adrianoupolis in Northern Epirus – Findings are leaving Albanians and Italians Speechless

Greek origins of Adrianoupolis in Northern Epirus – Findings are leaving Albanians and Italians Speechless

Four hundred years of prehistory that we didn’t “know” till today, the Albanian archeology professor, head of Albanian archeologists excavations in Adrianoupolis, Northern Epirus.

His words are of special importance, because, before the current interview of the Albanian archeologist, the recognition of the greek identity of “Adrianoupolis” in Northern Epirus and the indisputable proofs about the advanced greek civilization, there were theprevious years before that, from the partnership of the albanianarchaeological institute with the italian university of Macerata and later with the university of Gjirokaster, merciless claims aiming to bury the 400 years of preexisting ancient greek civilization at the plain of Deropolis in Northern Epirus and seek to baptize it and “to speak only Roman”.

The Italians with the full support of Albania and reapeatedly having meetings of “scientists” in Gjirokaster, wanted to remove the ancient greek civilization period, to make an archaeological park of roman civilization in Deropolis, aiming to consolidate and the wider area to be officially named, “Roman”. Luckily, back then they were stopped by the strong reaction of the municipal authorities of Lower Deropolis.

This is what the Albanians want for obvious reasons, that accept anything roman, while they baptize whatever is greek, “Illyrian”, so albanian. And then, excavations brought in light at the Northeastern part of the ancient theatre greek magnificent buildings that belonged to VI - V BC. century.

In the light of these things, back then in 2010, Italian scientists were forced to admit for the first time that there was a Greek civilization in the region, but ... "insignificant"!

Adrianoupolis, the 400 years of prehistory that “we didn’t know”till today, - says the Albanianarcheology professor, head of Albanian archaeologists at the excavations in Adrianoupolis - Northern Epirus.

This is the historical truth and the conclusion Albanian archaeologist Dimiter Kondi ended up in. Recent excavations carried out by him in the plain of Deropolis in the Drinos valley, have brought to light archaeological finds showing the traces of the Hellenistic period earlier than that of Rome, which gave his name (Adrianos) in the region. These are the real results of the archaeological research mission carried out by the Italian-Albanian team, by an italian University headed by Professor Roberto Perna, thealbanian Institute of Archeology, headed by the archaeologist Professor Dimiter Kondi and students of the University of Tirana and University "Eqerem Kambej" of Gjirokaster.

Professor Dimiter Kondi says,

"The aim of this mission was to extend the excavation of this archaeological site and to train/educate students, which endured from August 4 to September 4, 2013. The excavation focused on the ancient theatre and its scene, while research continued also in the previous excavation at the Roman temple ", - says Professor Kondi. According to him, in the excavations, there were found several new ancient everyday use objects made of ceramic, metal and copper, as well as a large number of coins, several amphoras and ancient lamps.

Additionally, we conducted an archaeological survey to find out if Adrianoupolis was built in a free zone or over a preexisting former city. After the researh, there is no doubt that before Adrianoupolis was built, there was another civilization. The ceramic and archaeological findings of this settlement belong to the 3rd - 2nd century BC and dates back to the Roman period of Adrianoupolis built in the 2nd century AD. All the archaeological findings found in the ancient theater and the Roman Agora date back to the Roman Adrianoupolis.

There is no doubt that the "Roman civilization of Adrianoupolis" was built on a developed Greek civilization, "concludes the Albanianarcheologist Dimiter Kondi.

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